Tristyn Cox slices through the ice on Honeybaked hockey team

Tristyn Cox slices through the ice on Honeybaked hockey team

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Riann Masi, Writer

Hockey is a sport played around the world by many men and women professionally or just for fun. Sophomore Tristyn Cox took up the sport at the age of six, and has been playing ever since, constantly learning new skills to improve his abilities. 

“I’ve always been encouraged to skate,” Cox said. “My neighbors used to set up an outdoor rink in the winter and I would always go over and use it.”

Cox has recently switched back to Fenton High after attending Hartland high School for a few months to play for Compuware, a travel team based out of Hartland. 

“I’ve played for many teams in my years of hockey,” Cox said. “I am happily back with my original team, Honeybaked travel hockey team. The experience of going to play with Compuware showed me how much I missed Fenton.” 

For the years Cox has played, he has worried about pushing himself too hard and causing an injury. This has happened before, which affected his time on the ice. 

“At the age of nine I had an accident on the ice where I fractured my collarbone,” Cox said. “I couldn’t play hockey for a very long time. The time I was out I wanted to play so badly, I couldn’t wait to get back on the ice.” 

Playing with many different teams, Cox has had the experience of meeting different coaches and teammates along his hockey journey. 

This is my second year playing with Tristyn,” teammate Griffin Zaske said. “We play together on the ice, but we are also best friends off the rink. I have so many great memories with Tristyn; he’s a great friend and teammate.” 

As a teammate, Zaske has seen Cox play in many different rink situations and how he would play in high pressure situations. 

“Tristyn is a very good stay-at-home defender,” Zaske said. “I can always rely on him to get the puck where it is needed. This is essential to be a great defense player, which Tristyn is.” 

Cox’s goals of continuing with hockey go back years from the time he was skating on the makeshift rink in his neighbor’s backyard. 

I’m most proud to say that I’m the highest level I can get through Honeybaked,” Cox said, “and to also say I’ve been able to play at that level for five years. Being at this level can help me further my dream of attending North Dakota or any big ten school to play hockey.” 

Cox’s hockey career started when he was six, but he has continued to play with the switching of teams, different coaches and teammates, and injuries. Those who know Cox see him as a great teammate and player.

“He’s a teammate I don’t know I could play without and enjoy the sport.” Zaske said. “You can tell he loves this sport and always works 100%. Tristyn is a great team player and coach for our younger teammates.”