March Update on the Board of Education


Taron Masi, Online Editor

The purpose of the Board of Education is to address the business of the School District. Every month they meet in a public setting at the Administration building to address citizens and ask for any feedback and concerns. Read below for a list of topics covered at the meeting on March 2.

This month’s School Board meeting was held in the high school library due to concerns from the public that there would not be enough seating at the usual location, the administrative office. Many teachers and parents attended the meeting in hopes of bringing attention to the lack of any progress made on the establishment of a teachers contract. 

One of the topics introduced was District Media Specialist Rachael Hodges-Hassell’s plan to bring a therapy dog to the high school come next year. Hassell is the primary care-holder of Sunny, a golden retriever puppy currently going through a 10-month training period until he becomes a certified therapy dog. Hassell is currently looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of training. More information on Sunny’s journey through training and how therapy dogs can be used as a resource can be found at

After the board members came out of their executive session, they gave updates on the districts ongoing contract disputes with the teachers union. Numerous teachers addressed the board on their concerns over the situation. 

The next meeting will be held on April 13 at the administration office.