Top 5 starter vehicles


When it comes to purchasing an automobile for the first time, it can become stressful with the many options available. Cars come in many shapes and sizes, and many can tell a lot about its owner. Whether it’s buying a truck to help with manual labor, buying a jeep to go off road exploring, or buying a sedan with good gas mileage to save money. Each model has their pros and cons, and finding the model to fit your wants and needs is essential as cars are an expensive investment of hard worked money.



Trucks can be a handful for many new drivers, but as Al Serra salesman Travis Jones sees it, some kids may be able to pull it off.

“Newer trucks usually end up being too expensive for younger drivers,” said Jones, “but teens with a knack for fixing up older trucks can usually make it work. If you are fortunate enough to fit a newer truck in your budget, you can end up being safer on the roadway.”



According to Insurify, sedans such as the Chevy impala and Toyota Camry are the most common cars for new drivers. As Al Serra Executive Manager Matt Serra sees it, sedans are a great cost-efficient car model for new drivers.

“Sedans are our best selling model when it comes to new drivers, especially used cars,” Serra said. “The poorer gas mileage of larger vehicles can be a problem for younger drivers drivers, so sedans provide a better alternative for them.”



America is known for their love of larger cars; according to CBS News, SUVs now account for 42% of all cars on the road. SUVs may be able to provide accident-probe teens more safety while on the road.

“Over the years, I’ve seen SUVs go from being a luxury, to a near highest selling model at the dealership.” Jones said. “Many new drivers may choose this option if they are willing to exchange safety for gas mileage.”

The type of car that new drivers may buy will differ from needs and wants, to budgetary restraints. Some new drivers will be fortunate enough to pick and choose the type of vehicle they prefer, while others will drive what they are able to. Regardless, knowing your options before you buy is key.