Current college students share advice for incoming freshmen

Hannah Young, Online Editor

Attending college as a freshman is full of different things from a new environment to a new lifestyle. The days approaching graduation can be nerve-racking for current high school seniors, but consulting current college students and preparing for the transition can help make the changes go smoother.

One of the ways to alleviate transitional stress is by understanding some of the lifestyle differences between college and high school.

“Don’t go into college thinking that you can slide by like in high school,” Michigan State University freshman Ellie Bennett said. “College is harder than high school, not only academically but also mentally, so try and prepare to be okay with not knowing everything. There are going to be people that are smarter than you and you have to be okay with that.” 

Doing research and preparing can also be valuable, especially in terms of navigation. Getting to know some of the areas that a student will be spending a lot of time in can make the first day less stressful. 

“When you first come to college you can feel very small and lost,” Bennett said. “College is a whole new setting and you aren’t going to know a lot of people,

Staying social throughout the first year is another key. This can be done by joining clubs and social groups, especially that are related to your interests or major. 

“College is a whole new setting and you aren’t going to know a lot of people,” Bennett said. “But one thing that I would recommend is to join clubs. I’ve met some of my best friends through joining a club on campus, you get to meet people that have similar interests as you.” 

One transition that many seniors will have to make is that from a house to a dorm room. Dorms tend to be small, so packing light ensures that it won’t get cluttered. 

“Don’t stress about it. You’ll eventually figure everything out,” Western Michigan University  freshman Dow Kaepracha said. “Bring necessities with you. I was really open-minded and I think that’s the most important part when you’re entering college, going to events that are meant for freshmen and just staying social.” 

If you have more questions, there are resources that can help answer them. Consult current college students you may know, college websites, and high school and college admissions counselors for more tips.