Inside Emma Hall’s clothing line, EHallDesigns.


Ellie Vasbinder, Assistant Print Editor in Chief

What started as a hobby turned into a business; junior Emma Hall began making shirts for herself and her friends for fun, and soon realized this could become her clothing line: ehalldesigns. Using fashion inspiration from both her favorite Christian merch bands and Pinterest, she has made a clothing line in high demand right from her home. 

“I’ve always kind of been into fashion and art and I wanted to do something with it,” Hall said. “So I began to make shirts. I started out just making things for myself and friends and realized I could make a business out of it and it could be something really fun.”

She makes everything from sweatshirts to t-shirts to stickers, and has plans to expand the merchandise further if time allows. 

“I’ve done a hat so far and I’m planning on doing wall decals soon as well,” Hall said, “but other than that, just sweatshirts and t-shirts as of right now. I think doing sweatpants in the future would be fun too.”

While this may be a temporary business during her high school years, this is just the beginning of a career she hopes to learn more from in the future. 

“I would really like to go into some type of art or marketing in college. I don’t have any big expectations for my business as of right now but I think It would be cool to expand or do something bigger with it down the road,” she said.

Hall creates her own designs, as well as accepts custom ideas from clients. Making sure her buyers get what they want is something she takes to heart when creating her clothes. 

“I saw a couple of designs she had made and I had an idea in mind and figured she could make it,” sophomore Kiersten Lapa said. “I like how easy she is to work with and she always wanted to make sure everything was how I envisioned it. The shirt turned out great, I love it so much. She was just super easy going about it and I think she’s doing a great job.”

Find Hall’s clothing line on Instagram, @ehalldesigns, where she takes direct messages for custom made pieces and pre designed pieces as well. She mails out orders with a fee, as well as in-person exchanges.