French Classes Use the Power of Music to Alleviate Stress


Molly Killian, Lifestyles Editor

To help relieve stress that is building up while in quarantine, French students are participating in Mania Musicale. In Mania Musicale, teachers around the world put music together into a bracket for their students. The students then listen to the music, translate the lyrics, research the artist and finally, vote for their favorite song. The song with the most votes will then move up in the bracket.  

“The Mania Musicale has alleviated so much stress in my life because, right now especially, there’s a lot of changes to get used to, a lot of online work to find a way to do and a lot of anxiety floating around as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” sophomore Fiona Dunlop said. “As I’m going through all of the math questions I have to get done and the flow charts I have to complete, it’s nice to be able to switch over to French class and simply have an assignment where all I have to do is listen to new music. It really is very stress relieving  to be able to have such a calm assignment amidst all of the other stuff going on.”

This is the second year that French teacher Nicole Chouinard has put on Mania Musicale for her students, but she feels that this year, Mania Musicale is more important than ever. 

“When I found out that school was canceled, I knew kids would be super disappointed, so I decided to continue with Mania Musicale,” Chouinard said. “Students are always popping in their earbuds to listen to music while they work, relax, fall asleep or to sing to. It just makes you feel good to sing, tap your foot or share something new with someone else. I figured that students could listen to their French songs while working on other assignments, so win-win. It also creates our own special thing to bond over and that is so much fun.”

According to Psych Central, music is a great way to alleviate stress. It lowers blood pressure, decreases heart and pulse rates and reduces stress hormone levels.

“I think music is really great at relieving stress because it opens you up to a whole new world,” sophomore Samantha Megdanoff said. “People can express themselves through music and connect through it, too. No matter what emotion you are feeling, there is always a song out there that you can connect with. Music helps us comprehend things and see them in a new light. In addition, music can bring in some happiness to your life and make you want to get up and dance.”

There are several different Mania Musicale brackets that students around the world are listening to. To listen to the music from the Mania Musicale bracket used by FHS students, go to