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French Classes Use the Power of Music to Alleviate Stress

French Classes Use the Power of Music to Alleviate Stress

Molly Killian, Lifestyles Editor May 18, 2020

To help relieve stress that is building up while in quarantine, French students are participating in Mania Musicale. In Mania Musicale, teachers around the world put music together into a bracket for their...

French classes celebrate St. Nicholas Day

French classes celebrate St. Nicholas Day

Taron Masi, Writer December 6, 2017

Soon children all over the United States will sit down to write their Christmas list to Santa Claus. Some will sing songs about the man with the white beard and red coat and on the Dec. 25 many will run...

French classes go see An American In Paris

French classes go see ‘An American In Paris’

Taron Masi, Writer November 21, 2017

"I have rhythm, I have music, I have my girl. Who could ask for anything more?" On Nov. 19, French teacher Nicole Chouinard and her French 3 and IB classes got to listen to classic lines like this...

French teacher Nicole Chouinard replaces former teacher Melissa Saeed years after studying abroad

Gracie Warda, Writer January 25, 2017

When the position of former French teacher Melissa Saeed opened up, a replacement was needed. Saeed had someone in mind to fill her shoes; someone who was a close friend of hers. “I knew that Mrs....

Temporary french teacher Boike steps in for Saeed while on maternity leave

Eva Benore, Writer October 25, 2015

Q: Why did you leave originally leave FHS and where did you go? A: “I have taught at Fenton five years previously. Around five and a half years ago when I was having my third child I decided to...

The junior percussion group performs the first piece of the night directed by Yohann Fievet.

French jazz band plays for the community during their visit to the US

Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor February 14, 2015

As she holds the French flag in front of the school doors, junior Jessica Maher prepares to greet the members of the Limonest Jazz Band visiting all the way from their hometown in France. They were able...

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