Temporary french teacher Boike steps in for Saeed while on maternity leave

Eva Benore, Writer

Q: Why did you leave originally leave FHS and where did you go?

A: “I have taught at Fenton five years previously. Around five and a half years ago when I was having my third child I decided to leave. I had decided that I wanted to stay home and take care of my children.”

Q: What college did you go to and what degrees did you receive?

A: “For my Bachelors degree in French, I went to the University of Michigan. To get my Masters degree in English Second language, I went to Eastern Michigan.”

Q: What inspired you to teach French?

A: ”My father is Mexican and bilingual, so I was exposed to different languages at a young age. When I got older I found that being bilingual as well, had inspired me to want to become a French teacher.

Q: Do you teach any other subject besides French?

A: “I do not teach any other subjects, but I’m certified to be able to teach Biology and English Second language (or E.S.L.).”

Q: What made you want to teach at Fenton High school?

A: “I just love Fenton in general. The feelings I get from the community and the students, it’s just a really great feeling. the students and staff, are so motivated. Plus I wanted to teach at Fenton because of the large variety of classes the school has to offers.”

Q: How did you get this French teaching job?

A: “Well, when Mrs. Saeed went on maternity leave, the high school contacted me asking if I would substitute in her place until she returned.”

Q: Were you able to smoothly pick up where Saeed left off?

A: “I was able to pick up where Mrs. Saeed left off pretty easily, Mrs. Saeed left me plans while I’m subbing in for her. Plus the students have been very helpful with keeping me filled in on things they’ve already learned and the things they haven’t learned yet.”