Students share their reasoning for choosing online or in-person school

Students share their reasoning for choosing online or in-person school

Benny Burke, Writer

Students were given the option to do online school, otherwise known as Tiger Virtual Academy (TVA), for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year. The online learning system is different from the face to face learning plan.

“I chose online because then if I wanted to do something during the week, I could just get all my work done in the beginning of the week and free up a lot of time,” freshman Caiden Alsbach said. “I don’t think I’ll return to face to face but I might think differently in the future. I would rather do face to face learning, though, as I am a hands on kind of learner, but the benefits outweighed my preferences.”

The increased amount of free time a student can have during online school is also helpful for sports.

“I did it mainly because of the snowboarding season,” freshman Phillip Yurk said. “I thought about how I could get my online work done and snowboard the rest of the week. I don’t have any regrets as of now but I do prefer actual school.”

While people had their reasons for choosing TVA, freshman Dane Jarvis has his reasons for choosing face to face.

“I chose face to face because I knew the online option would be through Odysseyware,” Jarvis said. “Which I know takes forever and you don’t really learn anything, and thought physical school would probably be cancelled right off the bat anyway.”

Odysseyware is the vessel that the school used to do Tiger Virtual Academy. For more information, go to their website Students and parents will have another opportunity to choose between TVA and face-to-face schooling before the second semester.