Modifications being made to clubs


Halee Alexander, Writer

 With COVID-19 affecting people all over the world. The volunteer clubs at Fenton High are struggling to find places to offer help. Each club is doing their best to continue making a difference in Fenton.

The National Honor Society (NHS) had a canned soup drive organized by their Vice President senior Taylor Farrel with Fenton Center of Hope. “Members were required to drop off a donation of Soup cans and that seemed to work perfectly. Drives seem to be the best plan of action with the given circumstances, with limited contact, as well as meeting with the needs of those less fortunate within our community,” Farrel said. 

The NHS plans to continue working with Fenton Center of Hope throughout the school year “I am currently trying to plan our next drive which will be winter gear to donate to the Fenton Center of Hope as the weather cools down,” Farrel said.

“This drive will be recommended, but not required since it’s harder to donate clothes than cans. Instead, we are going to make promoting this event a requirement through social media.” Farrel said. 

Hour requirements for the NHS and Key Club are being modified. This year NHS is using the drives to fill hour requirements, and Key Club is planning to make changes based on what events come up. 

“We are never super strict about hours, we will probably be less strict about them this year. We will most likely reduce the requirement, but we haven’t thought about the hours too much. I just want to see how many organizations ask for help before setting a requirement,” Key Club President Junior Molly Killian said. 

With limited opportunity within our community to volunteer, Key Club has been working hard at coming up with events on their own to help out our community. They held a fabric drive and made masks, and are currently trying to plan a pop can drive. 

“This year will be a lot less busy than last year… I hope as the year progresses, we will get to volunteer at more community events,” Killian said.

The NHS national website ( is offering virtual service ideas and other COVID-19 resources. Many of the suggestions give examples of organizations that can be used to fundraise for and donate money to. It also provides links and information to the National Red Cross website ( to donate blood safely and socially distance from others to help with the national blood shortage. Each of these ideas given by the NHS website is COVID-19 friendly.