Opinion: Face-to-Face schooling is safe


Madysen Krug, Writer

For the 2020-2021 school year, the school has set many regulations in place to keep students safe and to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak. Going to school everyday was a big part of student’s and teachers’ social life where both can interact with people. All the regulations put in place made it safe and possible to return to school. 

Students are required to wear masks that cover both their mouth and nose. Face masks limit the spread of COVID-19 by covering your mouth and nose so that people are not breathing in any germs or sicknesses. Desks and classrooms will be cleaned between classes to get rid of any germs or bacteria 

According to Henry Ford Health System, wearing a mask will protect those around you from infection. COVID-19 is spread from person to person by respiratory droplets, which are largely projected when you cough, sneeze, talk and sing. Surgical masks, cloth masks, and N95 masks all have the same and equally effective effect on preventing any possible spreading of COVID-19. With students wearing masks the entire school day, this keeps them safe from breathing in these droplets.

Classrooms have scheduled times for when they are dismissed at the end of the day so students are not crowded while leaving school. These times are a three minute gap, letting the halls uncrowd before a new wave of students comes through. The school day also does not include a lunch break due to the possibility of students being within 6 feet without a mask on. Social distancing is required and hallways are taped and marked so students are not gathering or being crowded in the halls. 

Going back to face to face school is completely safe and has many advantages for students, teachers, and staff members because of the regulations put in place.