Barstool Sports saves Holly Lanes


Halee Alexander, Writer

Barstool Sports is a digital media company founded by David Portnoy in 2003 in Milton, Massachusetts. They help to keep struggling small businesses around the country. 

The company has raised $34,190,592, have 212,566 supporters, and have saved 220 small businesses around the country. One of the recent businesses being Holly Lanes, a bowling alley located in Holly, Michigan. 

“I knew Holly lanes had to be struggling because they were only allowed to be open about 66 days last year,” senior Tate Temrowski said. “[Holly Lanes shutting down] would have been a huge loss, not only for me, but the community as well. They host three high school teams— Linden, Fenton and Holly— and that place is like a second home to me. I have been bowling at Holly Lanes for nine years now and the employees and other people who bowl there are like family to me.” 

Holly lanes is one of the few bowling alleys in Genesee county. But there are only two in the Fenton/Holly area.

“Bowling at Holly lanes gave me a chance to talk to new people that I didn’t necessarily talk to in my normal day to day routine,” junior Jordyn Bliss “It was a fun experience, and I’m beyond grateful others will get to have the chance to make new connections now that they’re staying open.”

Holly Lanes will have open bowling Tuesdays from 5 P.M-10 P.M, Fridays from 6:30 P.M-10 P.M, Saturdays from 4 P.M-10 P.M, and Sundays from 12 P.M.-5 P.M. Reservations are highly recommended, but not required to open bowl.