Sunny continues his journey at Fenton High

Sunny continues his journey at Fenton High

Riann Masi, Writer

Fenton High had the opportunity to welcome in a golden retriever named Sunny as Fenton High’s therapy dog. Sunny helps Fenton High in multiple ways, specifically his yoga classes for Fitness and Conditioning program taught by health and P.E teacher Rebecca Moore on Wednesdays. 

This is Sunny’s first official year at Fenton High school, even though he joined the school last year as a puppy, he trained to be a therapy dog over the summer.

“It’s wonderful to watch Sunny grow up day by day,” Assistant Principal Zachary Bradley said. “I’m starting to see his habits and playfulness grow.”

Sunny is one year old this school year. He is continuing to learn new techniques on how to become a better therapy dog, but as of now, Sunny is still a playful pup going from class to class participating in heavy amounts of petting. 

“I believe yoga every week for just one day is beneficial.” Junior Jessica Dunkel said, “It helps with mindfulness, physical activity, and flexibility. With Sunny doing yoga with us I forget about the stresses of my other classes.” 

Though students are around Sunny more than teachers, Sunny makes his rounds to as many classrooms as he can. If Sunny doesn’t visit a certain class you can always find him in the media center. 

“I believe teachers are just as affected by Sunny as students,” Bradley said. “Having Sunny be a part of an activity, like yoga, helps the students focus and forget about the stresses of their classes.”

Sunny has a very busy schedule during the week, traveling from classroom to classroom and also participating in yoga classes with fitness and conditioning. Students can visit Sunny during passing time and teachers can schedule Sunny to visit their classroom through Mrs.Hassell in the media center.