Opinion: The pros of Amazon prime


Riann Masi, Writer

Households around the world are spending less time shopping in-person and are now shopping online. Amazon, one of the larger online shopping platforms, has proved beneficial for consumers even prior to quarantine.

Shopping services, such as Shein, only sell a certain amount of product— Shein sells clothes. Amazon on the other hand, sells a wide variety of products for consumers to choose from: all the way from clothes to kitchen gadgets and everything in between. 

“Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who is now ranked in the number one spot on Forbes list of billionaires with a net worth of 190.8 billion dollars.” Business Insiders said, “Amazon continues to grow with more and more people joining the app and video platforms each day.” 

Amazon’s Prime Video is a main streaming platform next to Netflix and Hulu. According to the Amazon board, 14 billion U.S. populants have become members of prime since early December of 2019. On Amazon’s streaming app, more than 1,427 movies and TV shows are provided to the user. 

Providing clothes, movies, TV shows, household objects and restaurants makes Amazon beneficial to consumers— providing them with anything they need plus a speedy delivery in one to two days.  Amazon has also partnered with the company Whole Foods in 2017. Forbes said AMazon bought Whole Foods $13.7 billion in cash. There haven’t been many changes to Whole foods stores themselves, but instead at a corporate level like the center of operations being moved to Austin, Texas. 

Amazon has also helped consumers find a safer way to shop during COVID-19, allowing products to be bought from homes and businesses. 

“My family has Amazon Prime.” Junior Emma Novak said, “everything we order gets delivered in less than a week. Prime helps us not have to worry about going to grocery stores and staying healthy because we are shopping from our home.” 

Consumers of all ages can benefit from Amazon and the wide product selection provided on the website. From streaming services to restaurant takeout availability, Amazon provides its members a wide variety of products and, with same-day to one-day delivery, consumers can receive their orders fast and on time. Amazon benefits its consumers with products and services that can help keep their participants healthy during COVID-19.