Opinion: Amazon puts small businesses out of work

Opinion: Amazon puts small businesses out of work

Emmy Johnson, Online Editor

Since Amazon’s opening on July 5, 1994, Amazon has decreased the number of stores, specifically small businesses, in America.

Amazon has created the ideal of fast production goods—, making mass quantities of products by unprivileged foreign countries. When someone buys from these companies, they are hurting the environment and small businesses. Fast production of goods decreases sales of small businesses because of the ideology of quantity over quality, making small businesses less worth buying from. Fast production is also a trade that is copying from some small businesses. So why would you buy the original that’s priced higher than something created cheaper?

To act against this, Amazon has created the Amazon Marketplace, hosting millions of small businesses to sell their stores products on Amazon. Although this has helped, Amazon takes shipping prices for themselves and does nothing against copycats or fast production— instead of choosing to stay neutral in a time where they need to advocate for small producers.

Amazon Marketplace also expects businesses to provide their own materials and to stay afloat with no help from the website, as well as give a small number of proceeds to the website according to CNBC. It’s unlikely these businesses will continue to create, making Amazon the sole problem again.

Some small businesses refuse to use Marketplace because their craft won’t be referenced.

“When people buy from businesses on Amazon and when asked where the product is from they never say your business name….just Amazon, giving you no credit, it’s one reason why we don’t have plans on working with them.” Said HelloFresh

Amazon is a clear problem against small businesses, this is a habit the website has shown- even to corporations.

Since 2017, Amazon has closed 6,400 companies for their own benefit. Some of which are corporations like Toys ‘R’ Us who closed down 700 plus stores, Mattress Firm closed 200 stores, and Forever 21 went bankrupt. Borders sales before all stores were closed went down 40 percent from Amazon’s opening according to CNBC. 

Although Amazon is trying to help, it’s clear it isn’t enough. Amazon has prevented small businesses’ success, sales and even Amazon Marketplace prevented businesses from receiving full revenue. Reforming their website and clearing out fast production would allow small businesses to thrive whether it’s in their Marketplace or on their own. Until then, they will continue to destroy the community of small businesses.