Ways to spend spring break at home


Meghan Maier, Online Editor

With COVID-19 still being a concern, some families are making the choice to stay home instead of traveling. Here are some fun activities that families can partake in over spring break in lieu of travel.

1. Go camping in your yard.

Pitch a tent in the backyard, get some snacks, sleeping bags and flashlights. Hang out in the tent all night telling stories and spending time with family.

2. Try out a new hobby.

Is there something you have been wanting to learn to do or try out? Now is the time to get out of the comfort zone and try something new, whether it be academic or personal.

3. Spend a night or two at a local hotel.

Pack some bags and spend a few nights at a hotel with friends or family. Spend some time by the pool or playing games in a room. Have a nice getaway.

4. Hangout downtown

Get together with friends or even just family. Get some ice cream, spend the day walking around and shopping at local businesses.

5. Have a game day

Gather all of your favorite games and spend the day with family and friends. Make it a day of friendly competition.