The meaning of Newscast to video students

The meaning of Newscast to video students

Riann Masi, Writer

Fenton High’s Video Productions class has brought back FHS News this school year. The Newscast was started six years ago by video teacher Richard Ashley. This year, second-year video teacher Kevin Smith has put a new spin on the Newscast. 

“Students should join Newscast,” Video Productions teacher Kevin Smith said. “It gives students the opportunity to explore media arts and highlight student life here at Fenton High.” 

Most of the Newscast staff are in the Advanced Video Productions class. Video Productions teaches students how to use different cameras and equipment to produce videos from short films to the news.

“In Advanced Video Productions, you learn plenty about technology— especially cameras and how to film,” senior Emily Allor said. “Mostly, you learn how to be a part of a team and work together.” 

In the past, Newscast produced content every other week and sometimes went a few weeks without an update. This year, Smith hopes to provide content every week on Fridays. 

“In the past years, videos were put up less frequently,” Smith said. “Our plan moving forward in a post-pandemic world is putting together weekly FHS News and occasional takeover by different classes and possibly Fenton High Staff.”

Advanced Video Production is mostly a senior class, however, you could take the class sooner. Some students have siblings or a family member who have taken the class in the past.

“Both my older siblings were in video class,” senior Lara Kemp said. “They really enjoyed the class and told the funny stories they had in the class.” 

Video is not a conventional class like English or World History. The class is taught by a teacher, but the students will create their own films and direct their own videos. 

“Newscasts gives me a lot of freedom,” Kemp said. “I am able to walk around the halls and classrooms to get footage which helps me from becoming stir crazy like in other classes.” 

Students from freshman to senior year enjoy the freedoms of Video Productions. The Newscast provides the school with information some might need for the week, but they also include comedic skits and slapstick jokes to get the audience laughing. A new video will come out this Friday the 12th with the video two-class taking over the newscast.