Fenton High begins plans to implement new entryway design


Bree Soule, Online Editor in Chief

On Feb. 16, an email was sent out to the student body for the Fenton Entryway Design Contest. Two designs were given for students to vote on to go on the parent loop entrance doors of the high school. 

“I worked with the company on some ideas based on what we as a school were looking for and we looked at some of their previous work before really getting down to the two options that were provided to the student body,” Athletic Director/Assistant Principal Michael Bakker said.

Overwhelmingly, approximately 75 percent of the student body voted for the second design, solidifying the first draft of what the entrance will look like when complete. This idea was originally brought up by the graduating Class of 2020 as a parting gift to Fenton High. Thanks to the Class of 2020 and the Fenton High Student Council’s generous $2,000 donation to fund the project, the new entryway design is underway as final details are being worked out before production.

“Donating to the entrance design project was a way to support our school,” Student Council Adviser Jill Starr said. “Student Council was looking for a project that would impact the whole student body. The entrance design welcomes not only our students, but also our community and other schools who visit our school.”

The new design (shown above) will cost approximately $2,500 and features the Fenton Tigers logo and mascot, as well as welcomes students into the building.

“I really like that it is bold and really pops. It should make for an exciting entryway for students and visitors to our school/facility,” Bakker said.

Hearing of the new entryway plans, the Student Council members made a quick decision to donate.

“Students were really excited about having this design greeting people as they enter the building,” Starr said. “It portrays an image of fierceness and competitiveness that is representative of Fenton High.”

Not only will the new design spruce up the entryway, but it will also provide a higher level of security for students. According to bigigns.com, these decals “deter unwanted on-lookers but still allow you to see out the window,” promoting safety and school branding.

The entryway does not yet have a specific date it’ll be installed; however, the administration is attempting to get it installed as soon as possible.