SAT set to take place mid-April


Madysen Krug, Writer

The SAT is a test that colleges encourage students to take and prepare students for their future. Juniors will be taking the 2021 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) on April 13-15. On April 13, students will be taking the SAT test, along with the writing portion. April 14 is the ACT WorkKeys.. 

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, teachers have been helping juniors prepare and study for the upcoming SAT. 

We, of course, have been teaching the skills needed for the English, Writing and Language in Literature and Composition 1, 2 and 3 throughout high school,” English teacher Vera Hazlett said. “The special attention we have taken in the junior year curriculum has been on rhetorical devices and analysis. We do have the PSAT scores to guide us in skills that need to be reviewed; commas and verb tense is one I always try to hit again.” 

A website that many students and teachers use to prepare for the SAT, Khan Academy, is a great way for students to not only study for the SAT, but other tests and subjects as well. 

“We have all set up Khan Academy accounts, linked our PSAT scores when possible and have created a practice schedule including practice tests depending on the individual’s goals for the SAT,” Hazlett said. “With just three 15 minute sessions a week, a student can see 300 SAT questions and the explanation before we take our school-day SAT.” Some will choose to practice more. I like Khan Academy because it is free to everyone and works in conjunction with the SAT.  Another way some students are preparing is to take an SAT course after school.”

Senior Logan Reeves, who took the SAT earlier this year as it was canceled because of COVID-19 restrictions last year, used one of the methods suggested by Hazlett to prepare for the test. 

“I studied for the SAT by using Khan Academy every weekend, which was very beneficial,” Reeves said. “I also did group study sessions with my friends often and I used an app called SAT practice, every day.” 

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