The beauty behind Advanced Placement Art

The beauty behind Advanced Placement Art

April Carr, Writer

Advanced Placement (AP) Art  is a class focused on letting high school students become more serious with their art and gives them the opportunity to earn college credit for art. AP Art students senior Sophie Swift,  junior Mikayla Maher and senior Sophia Castelluzzo have been pursuing art for years and have all grown a deep appreciation for it.

“My favorite part about art is probably how expressive and interpretative it is,” Swift said. “I can express each and every feeling I have literally ever felt. But then on the flip side, what I’m feeling and how I express it can be seen as something totally different and hold a different meaning for someone else looking at it.”

For Maher, art has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember and AP Art has helped her become more professional with her art.

“AP Art is a very good class to take to get college credit for art universities,” Maher said. “I like how the class teaches students to be completely original and self-reflective in their work. AP Art also makes the students aware of the importance of work schedules that are needed to be mentally prepared in order to complete all of the artwork in a more college-professional fashion.”

Art block is when an artist has little to no motivation to create new pieces of work and is something Castelluzzo knows very well.

“I love art because it’s something that I can focus on for long periods of time without getting bored,” Castelluzzo said. “It gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I create something I’m satisfied with. I’m enjoying AP Art— it’s a bit of a struggle because of art block but it’s really fun when I’m feeling inspired.”

AP art students work on approximately five designs throughout the year in order to earn college credit.

“[AP Art] is nice because we don’t have set assignments where we have to create something under a certain prompt,” Swift said. “All year we’ve focused on our portfolios and a central theme we got to choose.”

AP Art is a class for students to express their creativity. To find out more about AP Art, email [email protected]