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The beauty behind Advanced Placement Art

The beauty behind Advanced Placement Art

April Carr, Writer March 25, 2021

Advanced Placement (AP) Art  is a class focused on letting high school students become more serious with their art and gives them the opportunity to earn college credit for art. AP Art students senior...

Artist of the Month: Mikayla Maher

Artist of the Month: Mikayla Maher

Bree Soule, Online Editor in Chief December 16, 2020

Starting when she could first hold a crayon, junior Mikayla Maher began growing a passion for art. As she grew older, it became more than just a hobby. “For me, it’s really stress relieving,”...

Photo Gallery: street art in Flint

Photo Gallery: street art in Flint

Gracie Warda, Online Editor in Chief March 3, 2020

The city of Flint plays host to a number of street artists, many of which like to use buildings as an artistic medium. Check out the gallery below to see a small portion of this artwork.

Opinion: Graffiti is art, not vandalism

Opinion: Graffiti is art, not vandalism

Gracie Warda, Online Editor in Chief February 20, 2020

While walking down the streets of the northeast side of Flint, through the boarded, burnt and barren houses, a passerby may notice the plethora of street art lining the roads and buildings. Portraits of...

Opinion: Graffiti is vandalism

Opinion: Graffiti is vandalism

Emmy Johnson, Writer February 20, 2020

Kansas City Park and Recreation center spent around $130,000 on city clean up for graffiti in 2012; nationally each year city park and recreation centers spend $12 billion on cleaning up graffiti from...

I would say @flesh.png (Instagram) is my biggest inspiration.Their work is a beautiful combination of realism and abstract. It has a playfully dark essence thats hard to describe. My favorite piece is my most recent one;  it won best in show and Im pretty proud of that. Its a painting of a friend of mine sitting on a log in a forest from a worms eye perspective. I think the colors worked out really nice. My favorite mediums are pen and ink because once you make a mark theres no going back. It helps me to move forward with  a piece rather than looking back and fixing or erasing every little thing.

People of Fenton: Junior Claire Grob

Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor June 13, 2019


My favorite medium to work with is pencil, because I love to shade. My favorite piece is a side profile of a guy that uses  a mix of pencil and colored pencils. I wanted to become better at drawing faces, so I found the outline of the face on Pinterest, after I drew it, I shaded it using pencil and added another layer of shading using colored pencil on top of that. I wasnt really thinking of anything particular while creating the piece besides a book character that has strong facial features like the piece.

People of Fenton: Junior Riley Hurley

Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor June 11, 2019

Sophomore year I had a project where we got to do whatever we wanted. I saw a picture of this girl and I wanted to try drawing a portrait using oil pastel because I had never really done that before. I’m glad I did that because I realized I really liked oil pastel.

Award winning artist resides at Fenton High

Andrea Elsholz, Features Editor May 20, 2019

Combining technical skill with abstract creativity, junior Claire Grob holds the spotlight this month as the InPrint’s artist of the month. “Claire is an extraordinary artist,” art teacher...

Nixon’s piece, The Butcher.

Artist of the month: Noelle Nixon

Taron Masi, Online Editor April 8, 2019

At times when senior Noelle Nixon is hanging out with her friends, she has a moment of pause. She takes in the moment and finds artistic inspiration as a result. “I get artistic inspiration...

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