All about National Art Honors Society

April Carr, Writer

Fenton High is introducing the newest club to the school, National Art Honors Society (NAHS). The club was originally started by senior Emma Dubie and art teacher Tracey Jambeck. The purpose of NAHS is similar to the National Honors Society; however, it is for inspiring artists looking to make their impact on the community artistically while also serving others.

Dubie originally had the idea to start the club at Fenton High because student enrollment in the arts has been steadily declining over the past few years Dubie wanted there to be a change; she wanted something that passionate art students could look forward to.

“I feel as though art students need to have a community to look forward to,” Dubie said. “Additionally, the Fenton Art Council reached out to us to start this club, granting us assistance and covering the startup fee.”

The name NAHS is very similar to National Honor Society (NHS); however, though they are similar in some ways, they are two very different clubs. NAHS is all about finding community within the arts and within the outside world as well.

“We strive to make connections with the community, similar to the NHS, though we want to ensure whoever would like to join can join,” Dubie said. “My motivation for running this club was to leave a lasting impact and ensure art students have the support they very need.”

Although this club is very new to Fenton High, it has actually been around for numerous years. According to HonorSociety, the club has been around since 1978. It was originally started with the idea and motive to provide aspiring students with scholarships and a sense of community and a foot forward for people in the arts.

With the upbringing of this new club, there are certain supplies that will be needed for members to build their murals around the school and the community.

“Members are going to be needing supplies to do the murals so we will at a later time be having an art supplies drive,” Jambeck said. “Many people have supplies at their home that they are not using so we are hoping to rehome these supplies.”

For more information regarding NAHS, contact Dubie or Jambeck.