Artist of the Month: Mikayla Maher


Meghan Maier, Online Editor

Drawing is not the only thing that junior Mikayla Maher spends her free time doing. Recently, she designed and wrote a graphic novel.

“I decided to write a book to learn how to make and design graphic novels,” Maher said. “I want to be an author in the future, so I needed to learn the process of character design, character expressions, page setup, plot progressions and many of the other factors of creating a graphic novel.”

The process of designing and editing a graphic novel took Maher a year and a half before all the pages were created.

“The novel is called ‘Damsel Dragons’ and is about a Wyvern and a Griffon learning to work together,” Maher said. “They do this by trying to escape a dungeon in a fantasy world filled with dragons.” 

If students are interested in purchasing a copy of Maher’s novel, they have to act fast as only a certain amount of copies will be printed. 

“I’m selling the novel for $12,” Maher said. “If people want a copy of ‘Damsel Dragons,’ they can come talk to me to get put on the pre-order list. When the books come in I will send out an email to classes saying that the book is ready to be sold. There will not be a lot of extras, so if they want to be guaranteed a copy, they should talk to me before April and get their name on the list.”

Mikayla will continue growing in her designs and paving the way for her future of becoming an author.