Artist of the month: Noelle Nixon

Taron Masi, Online Editor

At times when senior Noelle Nixon is hanging out with her friends, she has a moment of pause. She takes in the moment and finds artistic inspiration as a result.

“I get artistic inspiration from really odd things in my surroundings, like how certain people act,” Nixon said. “When I’m around my friends’ ideas will hit me out of nowhere, having no correlation to what we’re actually doing. Abstract ideas and nature always give me the inspiration to create art.”

Nixon’s artwork was recently featured in the Cause and Affect Gallery located downtown Fenton. The gallery featured a variety of local and regional Michigan artists and their artwork.

“The gallery is all about art with a message,” Nixon said. “One of its main goals is to give back to the community and organizations in need. Portions of art sold will be given to organizations around town.”

Like most children, Nixon made art projects and painted as a child. It wasn’t until later that she began to accumulate a particular interest in making art.

“I have been doing art since a very young age,” Nixon said. “Sophomore year is when I really started wanting to do more with it. I took two art classes during my junior year and loved both. I’m still unaware if it will end up being my career but I definitely plan on taking courses for studio art and photography in college. Whether I end up double majoring or pursuing art all together is something I’m still unsure about.”

Nixon, who has taken a variety of art classes including; AP art and sculpture, participates in art competitions and has received awards for her work.

“I compete in scholastic art scholarships,” Nixon said. “Once my art moved on to be presented in Grand Rapids and New York. This year I entered my artwork into the Michigan Art Association, fingers crossed I move on after regionals.”

As Nixon awaits to hear if her artwork has been selected from the MAEA state level adjudication and will move on to be featured at  the Michigan Youth Arts Festival, she continues to pull inspiration for her art from the world around her.