Fenton students participate in Tri County Ninja competition


PHOTO Madi Wheeler

Tri County Ninja coaches from left: Caitlyn Dailey, Peyton Stapp, Manager Daniel, Josh Maier, Noah Maier and Jack Killian.

Madi Wheeler, Online Editor-in-Chief

On March 15-17, local business Tri County Ninja hosted its first Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) competition. Among those who attended the competition, were employees at the gym there to compete rather than coach.

“Watching my fellow employees run was very cool,” coach and senior Noah Maier said. “Getting to see all the kids I help coach do so awesome was great. It was especially cool that it was on a course that we had designed.”

Along with Noah Maier, coaches Caitlyn Dailey, Josh Maier, Jack Killian and Peyton Stapp attended the event. Noah Maier helped design the courses with the others competing in the competition and coaching the Tri County Ninja competitive team.

“The competition was good,” Killian said. “I would’ve like to have done better personally with my run but it was a very good educational experience [being my second competition]. I did better in this competition, however, so I did improve.”

With high schoolers competing on March 16, some of the coaches came back on March 17 to cheer on the younger kids: “they all did a really good job,” Stapp said.

“I got to coach all of the kids on our competition team,” Josh Maier said. “I also competed and I did good, although I think I could have done better in some obstacles but overall it went well.”

This was the second competition for most of the Tri County Ninja coaches who competed.

“I didn’t make as many obstacles as I had wanted to,” Dailey said. “The ones that I did complete though I was really proud of myself because I hadn’t made some of them ever before.”

As the competition season winds down, Tri County Ninja gym will now focus on their open gyms and classes. For more information visit https://tricountyninja.com/ or their facebook page.