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Country Singer Morgan Wallen in scandal after saying a racial slur

Country Singer Morgan Wallen in scandal after saying a racial slur

Emmy Johnson, Online Editor March 19, 2021

Popular country singer Morgan Wallen faces a scandal after saying the N-word, a racial slur, in a video taken by his neighbor and released by Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ).  In the video, it appears as though...

I would say @flesh.png (Instagram) is my biggest inspiration.Their work is a beautiful combination of realism and abstract. It has a playfully dark essence thats hard to describe. My favorite piece is my most recent one;  it won best in show and Im pretty proud of that. Its a painting of a friend of mine sitting on a log in a forest from a worms eye perspective. I think the colors worked out really nice. My favorite mediums are pen and ink because once you make a mark theres no going back. It helps me to move forward with  a piece rather than looking back and fixing or erasing every little thing.

People of Fenton: Junior Claire Grob

Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor June 13, 2019


Sophomore year I had a project where we got to do whatever we wanted. I saw a picture of this girl and I wanted to try drawing a portrait using oil pastel because I had never really done that before. I’m glad I did that because I realized I really liked oil pastel.

Award winning artist resides at Fenton High

Andrea Elsholz, Features Editor May 20, 2019

Combining technical skill with abstract creativity, junior Claire Grob holds the spotlight this month as the InPrint’s artist of the month. “Claire is an extraordinary artist,” art teacher...

Nixon’s piece, The Butcher.

Artist of the month: Noelle Nixon

Taron Masi, Online Editor April 8, 2019

At times when senior Noelle Nixon is hanging out with her friends, she has a moment of pause. She takes in the moment and finds artistic inspiration as a result. “I get artistic inspiration...

Senior Amanda Jacksons art rendition of the American Gothic painting.

Senior Amanda Jackson turns people into fish with art

Bree Soule, Writer December 4, 2018

After working for three hours, senior Amanda Jackson created a piece of art inspired by the American Gothic painting. She replaced the husband and wife with two octopi named Herald and Gretchen. Jackson...

Camila self titled album Jan. 12

“Camila” self titled album Jan. 12

Jacob Angelovski, Multimedia Editor January 19, 2018

First debuting her name to the world as a contestant on FOX’s the X Factor, Camila Cabello rose to fame as a member of five girl group “Fifth Harmony” from 2012-2016, standing out as the lead vocalist...

Following in her mother’s footsteps, senior Maddy Morris spends her free time creating graffiti style artwork

Allie Howell, Editor-In-Chief May 8, 2014

During a few moments of free time in class, senior Maddy Morris ignores the drone of voices around her and begins to sketch a masterpiece. Morris was always drawn to graphic design and artwork, growing...

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