Following in her mother’s footsteps, senior Maddy Morris spends her free time creating graffiti style artwork

During a few moments of free time in class, senior Maddy Morris ignores the drone of voices around her and begins to sketch a masterpiece. Morris was always drawn to graphic design and artwork, growing up in an artistic family made it a natural attraction.

“My mom is really involved with my art,” Morris said. “She started me out when I was young and really pushed me to do my best at it. She also helped by giving me tips and tricks because she is pretty artistic, too.”

In middle school, Morris hung out with a group of artistic friends who inspired her to create her own unique artwork.

“In fifth grade, I was hanging out with a group of kids who were into graffiti,” Morris said. “I had always liked graphic design and art so I was drawn to it. I was not very good when I first started, but I got better with practice.”

Despite having since lost contact with that group of friends, Morris now spends much of her free time at school and at home working on artwork ranging from quick sketches to detailed cartoons.

“I draw non-realistic things like cartoons, graphics and logos,” Morris said. “Sometimes I will be sitting in class and think of something to draw and sketch it then. I also do it at home in my room.”

Morris is currently enrolled in advanced art and has taken art foundations and drawing and sculpture as well. Her artwork has won her the admiration of art teacher Suzzane Jule.
“Maddy is really precise with her artwork,” Jule said. “It is always really detailed and perfect. She tends to do a lot of graphic art so it is always colorful and has lots of energy. She is really committed and focused when she works on her projects.”

Besides being a talented art student, Morris has impressed Jule with her attitude and work ethic.

“She is the prefect art student,” Jule said. “‘She is a hard worker, creative and focused. She is also pleasant, kind, never misses a class and is always on time. I’ll miss her when she graduates.”

While her artwork is a passion, Morris has decided to keep it as a hobby instead of pursuing a career in the art field.

“My freshman and sophomore year of high school I really thought I wanted to have a career in graphic design,” Morris said. “My uncle is a graphic designer so I thought I would want to do that. Now I want to keep my art as a hobby so I do not get burnt out on it.”