Country Singer Morgan Wallen in scandal after saying a racial slur


Emmy Johnson, Online Editor

Popular country singer Morgan Wallen faces a scandal after saying the N-word, a racial slur, in a video taken by his neighbor and released by Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ). 

In the video, it appears as though Wallen is intoxicated as he leaves a car telling his friends to “take care” and using other slurs and profanities. After this video was released, country singers of Nashville such as Kelsea Ballerini and Cassie Kelley called out Warren asking for him to be de-platformed, saying he doesn’t represent their community.

“This is not his first time using that “unacceptable” racial slur and we all know that. So what exactly are y’all gonna do about it. Crickets won’t work this time.” Said black Country artist Mickey Guyton in response to the scandal on Twitter

Big Loud Records suspended Warren’s record deal indefinitely and his songs were taken down from streaming websites temporarily, his album “Dangerous” also became ineligible for Academy Country Awards (ACA) in 2021 and his Saturday Night Live (SNL) performance canceled. 

However, fans are coming to his defense mentioning how “normal” this is for southerners to say such a thing and is part of a redneck stereotype- along with attacking the Black community for the slur in the first place.

“It isn’t his fault, in the South saying the N-word is normal,” one user on Twitter said while another put the blame on the black community

“Black people have been saying this word forever— it’s just a word. What’s the difference between a white man saying it and a black person,” a user said.

After the suspension of Warren’s music was lifted, fans streamed his music with a 49 percent increase getting it on the Top 200 of Billboard, and number one on iTunes for seven weeks. Morgan’s fans expressed the anger they have for “cancel culture” and think he shouldn’t be penalized for this scandal, giving a reason to the influx of streams Morgan has faced. 

“Cancel culture has ruined us all, why is Wallen being blamed for something so small when there are bigger problems,” a supportive fan said.

Warren released his apology after his SNL performance was canceled.

“What I did is my fault, I’m sorry. I take all penalties that come from this and the responsibility as well. This is on me,” Warren said on Instagram.

There is still discussion of Warren’s career being ruined by “cancel culture” or if he can grow and educate himself to be a better ally to the Black community in the future.