Benefits of having a healthy dog

Benefits of having a healthy dog

Madysen Krug, Writer

The month of April is canine fitness month. There are lots of benefits for keeping a family or person’s dog healthy and in shape. 

One action a person can take to keep their dog in shape is taking them for walks according to Mary Robins from American Kennel Club, “The benefits of regular walking are already well-known— including improved muscular strength, circulation, memory, and sleep, as well as increased energy and reduced stress.” 

Setting a fitness goal for a dog is also beneficial to the dog’s health.

“Setting a fitness goal that includes your dog can have far-reaching health and social benefits,” Robins said. “It can also be hugely motivating, as Leash Your Fitness owner Dawn Celapino has discovered in her 11 years of organizing exercise classes for humans and dogs. Celapino founded her San Diego–based fitness training center because she didn’t want to leave her Cairn Terrier, Jack, at home while leading fitness classes. She soon found that including clients’ dogs in her classes added a whole new level of excitement and commitment.”

Robins also explains that exercising a dog can benefit not only their physical health but mental health and stimulation as well. 

“Beyond the physical, mental, motivational and social benefits for humans, Celapino notes that the physical and mental stimulation of fitness training is also great for dogs,” Robins said.

“During her classes— which include hiking, surfing, kayaking, camping, yoga, trail running, upper- and lower-body training, and boot-camp training— dogs participate throughout, for instance heeling beside their owner during a lunge-walk, running a weave-poll course, or taking a ride in a kayak,” Robins said. “Because they require dogs to remain alert throughout, these classes can happily exhaust dogs who usually run six miles without tiring.” 

Celebrate canine fitness month by exercising and keeping dogs fit and healthy.