Ambassadors’ first concert of the year


Meghan Maier, Online Editor

After almost a year, the Fenton High Ambassadors were able to have a concert. COVID has changed the way that the school year looks for the Ambassadors. Even with all the restrictions, the Ambassadors were able to put on a great show. 

“The show went great,” junior Audrey Trammel said. “We had a Friday and Saturday concert. There were seven senior solos and three specialty acts. One thing I enjoyed about the show was the fact that we got to perform at all. At the beginning of the year, we had no idea we were going to perform at all this year. I felt so great about this show and was so happy we were able to perform.”

Although the group was happy that they were able to perform, COVID restrictions made this show different and one that they will never forget.

“Normal ambassador concerts take place in our auditorium with lights and uniforms,” junior Addie Wright said. “Another change was that usually, two people stand next to each other and share a mic, but this time we were all spaced out and on separate mic stands. We also had to wear masks; however, that wasn’t a big problem because we have had to wear them all year. So this show was different in those aspects, but it was also just as great as any other show.”

After not performing for a year, the Ambassadors were able to finally share their love for performing again.

“I enjoyed that everyone who performed enjoyed what they did,” senior Max Runnels said. “But I also enjoyed that the audience was able to enjoy live music again. In a time that large gatherings in a safe manner are scarce, it was a fantastic experience to be able to perform again. Despite all hardships this year has brought, we’re all very blessed to have been able to perform, bringing joy to those who were able to attend either in person or virtually.” 

Even though this school year has not looked normal, the Ambassadors were glad to be able to share their joy and talent with everyone once again.