Ambassadors perform Back by Popular Demand concert

Bree Soule, Writer

As the curtains opened and the music began, the Ambassadors started their Back By Popular Demand concert of the year. With a total of 31 songs, 10 being in the “rockapella” medley, the concert took place Feb. 22 and Feb. 23.

“This was my first Back By Popular Demand show,” junior Emily Wright said. “What stuck out to me was the amount of energy that we had. It was like we all flipped the switch and completely changed our mindsets to performance ready once the curtains opened.

Joining Ambassadors this year, Wright has the opportunity to continue on in the group and plans to perform her senior year also. Currently there are four four-year seniors: Emily Hayes, Joe Bujak, Jake Humpert, and Alex Marsee.

“This was the best put together Back By Popular Demand shows in my four years, “ Humpert said. The song choices really flowed well with each other. The choreography also fit amazing with the songs, especially in Are You Ready For A Miracle.”

Many performers enjoyed singing the Rock-a-Pella melodies the most. The concert opened with the song, Golden Slumbers and ended with Are You Ready for a Miracle.

“I was very pleased with the shows both nights, although I wish we would have had more audience members,” Ambassador Director Brad Wright said. “Our Back by Popular Demand show is different than our Sneak Preview show because it’s longer and we have choreography.”

Besides the performing experience, being in the Ambassadors also gives the performers friendships and bonds that can last a lifetime.

“This was my last Back By Popular Demand show,” Humpert said. “It was kind of bittersweet. Ambassadors has given me a couple lifelong friends that I wasn’t super close with freshman year, which is a huge change, because I never thought that I’d be this close with them.”