Seniors Taylor Farrell and Brody Stack are crowned Homecoming King and Queen

Seniors Taylor Farrell and Brody Stack are crowned Homecoming King and Queen

Halee Alexander, Writer

Fenton High’s seniors Taylor Farrell and Brody Stack were recently crowned Homecoming King and Queen. 

“I didn’t even mention homecoming court to anyone,” Stack said. “But I’d say I’ve been “campaigning” my whole high school career because I always try to be the first person to start a conversation, or even just say hi. I do that with absolutely everyone— teachers, friends, strangers and even freshmen.” 

Stack and Farrell are both upstanding members of the community as they are President and vice president of the Fenton High National Honor Society (NHS). 

“[Outside of high school,] I am very involved with the kids ministry at the rock church off of Linden road, where I lead the third through fifth graders in post lesson discussions on Sunday mornings,” Farrell said.

Neither Stack or Farrell actually campaigned for their king and queen title. 

“I did not campaign for the title of homecoming queen, because I feel like that’s defeating the purpose of allowing your class to choose who they feel best fits the title,” Farrell said. 

With the news of winning the title as Homecoming king, Stack felt reassured about his high school decisions.

“Winning hoco king gives me reassurance that I’ve done enough during my time at FHS,” Stack said. “That’s really important to me because I’ve taken on every opportunity this school has to offer. I haven’t had any free time for the past three years, but I would not trade the experiences and relationships for the world.” 

Winning the homecoming king and queen title meant a lot to each of the recipients but in different ways. 

“Being chosen by my classmates meant so much to me, it’s honestly hard to express,” Farrell said. “Just knowing that I am loved and supported by the whole school was the cherry on top of an amazing senior year. I am so incredibly grateful for the overwhelming kindness, it meant the world to me.” 

While having homecoming crowning in April might not look like a traditional year usually does, the seniors were able to enjoy one last memory before the year was over.