Top 5 Netflix shows


Meghan Maier, Assistant Online Editor

Picking the right show or movie to watch can be a tricky task. Viewers want a show that will keep them interested and make them want to continue watching. These are the top five ranked Netflix shows/movies to watch now. 

1: Clickbait

“Clickbait” became available on Netflix on Aug. 21 and is based on real cybercrime cases. Clickbait was created by Tony Ayres and Christian White and currently there is only one season with eight episodes available on Netflix. In this series, family man Nick Brewer is abducted in a crime with an online twist that is sinister. Those closest to him are racing to uncover who is behind this and for what reason.

2: Outer Banks

“Outer Banks” became available to watch on Netflix on April 15, 2020 and is rated 78 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. “Outer Banks” was created by Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate and Josh Pate with currently two seasons with 10 episodes in each season. “Outer Banks” is about a group of teens from the wrong side of the tracks that stumble upon a treasure map that unearths a long buried secret.

3: Manifest 

“Manifest” became available on Netflix on Sep. 24, 2018 and will be returning for one more season before coming to an end. “Manifest” was created by Jeff Rake and currently has three seasons— season one has 16 episodes and seasons two and three each have 13 episodes. “Manifest” is about a commercial airline suddenly reappearing after being missing for five years. Those aboard the airline reintegrate into society and experience guiding voices and visions of things that have yet to occur, and soon a deeper mystery will unfold.

4: All American 

“All American” has been available on Netflix since October of 2018 and is inspired by the life of former professional football player Spencer Paysinger. “All American” was created by April Blair and has three seasons available. The first two seasons each have 16 episodes and the third season has 19 episodes. “All American” is about a star football player that gets recruited from South Central to play for Beverly Hills High, and two separate worlds collide. 

5: Stranger Things

“Stranger Things” has been available since July 15, 2016 and is rated 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. “Stranger Things” was created by Matt and Ross Duffer, there are three seasons available, season one and three both have eight episodes and season two has nine episodes. “Stranger Things” is about a young boy who disappears, his friends, mom and a police chief must face terrifying supernatural forces in order to get him back.