Top 5 Disney+ Recommendations

Gracie Warda, Online Editor in Chief

While many people are practicing social distancing and staying home, they may be looking for something to watch on their favorite streaming services. After already getting Hulu and Netflix recommendations on, check out these five Disney+ recommendations below. 

“Frozen”/ “Frozen 2”

This movie follows the story of a sister duo that is perfect for viewing by the whole family. And, with newly-available “Frozen 2” on the platform, the collection is also perfect for a binge-watch. See a full review of the latest “Frozen” installment here


This fantasy/sci-fi film follows a paraplegic scientist, who explores a new planet while embodying a member of the local species. The exploration brings a whirlwind of drama and presents a number of lessons to audiences. “Avatar” is well-deserving of all of the praise it receives. 

The Simpsons” 

If you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy, look no further than the classic antics of the Simpson family. With 30 seasons of screen time, there’s no shortage of entertainment from this wacky bunch. If that’s still not enough, Disney+ has made “The Simpsons Movie” available to subscribers. 


Both a cartoon and live-action version of “Aladdin” are available on Disney+, and both are worthy of the audience’s attention. This classic genie-in-a-bottle tale follows a tried-and-true Disney storyline that is perfect for individual viewing or for the whole family. 

“The Mandalorian” 

If Disney’s Star Wars is more your speed, there’s no shortage of it on Disney+. From a new season of Clone Wars, to all of Skywalker Saga movies, Disney+ has it all. That includes a new Disney+ original, The Mandalorian. Following the story of a bounty hunter, part of the Mandalorian race, this action and adventure show brings a new storyline to the Star Wars Saga. Featuring a fan favorite, deemed “Baby Yoda”, and the protective bounty hunter, fans eagerly await the already confirmed second season.