Top five Hulu recommendations

John Sabato, Reviewer

PHOTO John Sabato

If you are looking for something to watch on Hulu, check out this list.

  1. Smallville (Comic Book)

Smallville tells the origin of Superman before he became the man of steel that the world came to praise. The series follows Clark Kent through his teens to the day he puts on the blue tights and bares his family sigil. A lot of the show focuses on Clark having to hide who he is and what he can do from his friends and family, while also trying to accept and learn how to fully use his abilities. Along the way, new characters appear to help Clark along his journey like Aquaman, Doctor Fate, The Flash, Green Arrow, and the Black Canary. They eventually all come together to form the first iteration of the Justice League. Smallville ran for almost ten years and continued with a comic book adaptation of season 11.


  1. Sons Of Anarchy (SOA) (Drama)

SOA follows the San Joaquin charter of the Sons Of Anarchy biker club, led by their president Clay Morrow and their vice president Jax Teller. With a strong cast and even stronger writing, the show is constantly getting better. The group dynamic speeds up and characters are constantly at each other’s throats and making new alliances. Sons Of Anarchy ran for about 7 seasons and ended in 2014. Sons Of Anarchy was followed by a spin-off focusing on the rival biker gang The Mayans, which is currently in its second season.


  1. American Horror Story (Horror)

AHS is a horror anthology based show, with each season taking place in another time period and storyline, The shows first three seasons are its best with Murder House, Asylum, and Coven each providing great writing and characters with storylines that’ll make you want to watch an entire season in one sitting. Though the show may not be for everyone and can get a bit gruesome and ghoulish at times, and has been running for about 8 seasons now and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.


  1. Adventure Time (Animated)

Adventure Time is the perilous tale of Finn the human and Jake the dog, and a retelling of their adventures through the Land of Ooo. At first glance, it may seem like a childish cartoon that’s made to numb the minds of fourth-graders everywhere, but deep down it’s got the heart to label it as one of the best cartoons to ever hit the air. The show shines some focus on some of Ooo’s biggest mysteries, prominently on Finn, and if he is really the last human on earth, while simultaneously dealing with the blight that’s constantly lingering in every corner of the world. With a glorious cast of side characters and sinister villains constantly popping up Adventure Time never leaves a dull moment.


  1. Rick And Morty (Adult Comedy)

The dangerous and quippy lives of Rick and Morty is the key things that’ll make you want to keep your eyes constantly glued to the screen, the show has been a cult hit since it debuted back in 2013. With a hilarious cast of characters and a vast amount of instantly classic episodes, Rick And Morty has become a permanent staple in pop culture. Rick And Morty has been running since 2013, but has only produced 3 seasons as they’ve taken their time trying to perfect each season and the animation. A 4th season is currently in production and will premier in mid-November.