Five of Fenton’s signature foods/beverages

Anna Weigle, Writer

Fenton House: Breadsticks – Steve Kizy

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“[The breadsticks] are made fresh every hour, on the hour. We have a guy here 24 hours a day practically. They are made from scratch, unlike some of the places where the dough is made ahead of time.”

Fenton House has been the center of town for over 30 years—the breadsticks have never ceased to please customers.

Fenton Fire Hall: Mac N Cheese – Hailey Hild

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“The mac ‘n’ cheese is the signature item because it comes from The Union in Clarkson, which is a long standing tradition; It’s been there for decades. They have a special recipe that only The Union joints serve.”

Apart from being a retired fire hall, this restaurant serves as a historical look at Fenton with recipes not seen anywhere else.

Fenton Hotel: Frog Legs – Mauro Lester

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“We have been using the original mix for over almost 90 years and we’ve also had someone fly 3,000 miles just to get the frog legs.”

The oldest restaurant in Fenton has found its success from the most unique dish in the town, the frog legs set them apart from other taverns and grilles.

The Barn: Boneless Wings – Jason Warda

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“I think our wings are probably the thing that is the best in Fenton.” 

The Barn has recently expanded their wing selection and it is quickly becoming popular among their customers. The way their wings are prepared differs themselves from traditional restaurants—they make their breading homemade so that the customers get a taste of the chicken, and not just bread.

Rough Draught: Coffee – Stephanie Evans

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“Our house blend, which is called Total Eclipse, is made of the best arabica beans—the majority of the customers prefer a darker roast.”

The Rough Draught is best known for coffee dates for a reason, as their coffee is homemade and enjoyed by all in the community.