Sunny student and community member appreciation

Bree Soule, Online Editor-in-Chief

Sunny, Fenton High’s Certified Therapy Animal, is utilized by students throughout the day to destress or to just quickly pet him. Below are quotes on how FHS students and community members feel about Sunny.

“Sunny is the best dog ever.” -sophomore Kory Sanchez

“I love Sunny with all my heart.” -junior Iona Macrae

“Personally, I feel we could use him so much more. I rarely ever see him actually engaging.” -junior Abby Logan 

“Sunny is the best part of my day.” -sophomore Ian Mills

“He’s cute and I love him.” -senior Caroline Huffman 

“I love him.” -junior Sana Saab

“I feel like having him there is a great idea. Dogs help a lot with emotional needs.” -FHS parent Carrie Spurrier