Opinion: Students rely on technology most of the time

Aya Zahreddine, Writer

Students nowadays use technology to submit their assignments, finish their papers or simply for research. This is one of the modern criticisms that students face on an almost daily basis. Many classes now are fully based on laptops and projectors and students have to adapt to that. This new method of teaching has increased the students’ dependency on technology, and some serious consequences need to be taken into consideration. 

According to University of Toronto, in recent years, many of their professors have indicated the need  to “dumb down” course material and shorten essays on tests because many students began to struggle with the requisite depth of thought since the rise of the internet. The fact that students get most of their information from the internet and they no longer need to dig deep or think hard enough to find an answer has also led to the decrease of their attention span which has been observed in multiple classes.

An Instagram poll by the Fenton InPrint asked ”Are students too dependent on technology?” Out of about 71 people, 62 percent believed that students are too dependent on technology. That is quite believable because the internet and technology play a superior role in the modern education system.

Since COVID-19, e-learning has been implemented worldwide.  This method of learning saved over 1.2 billion students in over 182 countries. So, this reliance on technology was not a choice for the students, it was a needed skill in order to receive their education. Without using technology, students would have had a more difficult time consulting and working with their teachers during the move to virtual school. 

With this being said, technology definitely has a huge impact on not only teenagers’ lives but also on all other age generations as well, and excessive use and reliance on technology is definitely happening in our modern era.