FHS varsity football team starts off the season in rough shape

Dakota Naganashe, Writer

With the losses against Midland Dow and East Lansing, these defeats would’ve marked the first time since 2016 that Fenton football had started out with an 0–2 record; which, if history proves correct, wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen for the Tigers. 

Although the Tigers were outscored in their first two contests against Midland Dow and East Lansing 76–21, the team is facing a unique issue that bygone teams haven’t faced in the past. The primary issue being that the previous graduating class of seniors had been filled to the brim with talent. This was showcased in the fact that twelve starters had been named to All-Metro first and second teams for football and one of those seniors had gone on to play Division One football. With the big drop off in athletic talent, it left abnormally large shoes for the next senior class to fill. 

“We’ve had a rough start but we’ve come back and handled it well,” senior quarterback Seth Logan said. “It’s obviously important that we [continue to] win and continue to go forward. We’re pretty young but we have a ton of energy.”

With a very small number of seniors on the team, the seniors have become role models for the underclassmen.

“It’s a big deal that we show them how to use that energy to focus on the game [and not get distracted by it,]” Logan said.

The team currently lists 27 underclassmen compared to the 14 seniors. With that being said, the energy offered from the underclassmen is objectively shown in Fenton’s offense as they’ve managed to outscore Metro opponents 130–76 and win the last three games they’ve competed against other teams in. That leaves them sitting atop the mountain as Fenton currently leads the Flint Metro Stripes Division with a record of 3–2 along with being the top scorer in their league.

If history were to repeat itself, the 0–2 start may prove to be the blessing in disguise for the Tigers. The last time Fenton dropped to 0–2 occurred in the 2016–2017 season where the varsity team managed to make it all the way to the Regional Finals— which is a feat that hasn’t been replicated since— unless this Tigers team can find a way to make lightning strike twice.