Personal Project Tips

Kaylee Vasbinder, Content Editor

Whether it’s learning to build a surfboard, writing a book, or cooking a new dish, all sophomores are required to complete the MYP (Middle Years Program) Personal Project. The project includes 20 journal entries, an essay, and the final product.

“Make sure you choose something you enjoy doing,” senior Becky McDermott said. “You may be able to use it later on. Also, make sure you don’t just put the project off. If you need help talk to the upperclassmen and your supervisor will also be your biggest advocate.”

Picking a topic can be tricky. When deciding what to choose, there are some things to take under consideration. The amount of time it takes, how deep the topic is, and whether or not it fall under one of the MYP categories are all thing to consider. All topic changes must be made before Dec. 12.

“Last year I did 15 acts of peace,” junior Lucas Wegmann said. “I wish I would have started way before hand so I had a lot more to write about. That’s why you should pick something that you can elaborate on because the final paper has at least a 1500 word minimum. Make sure it catches interest and it’s not too difficult.”

Along with the essay at the end, there a journal entries to be completed each month. It is recommended that sophomores make sure the journals are detailed and include the Approaches to Learning skills (ATL). Anything can be put in the journals, but the main thing that is looked for is the thought process. This can be accomplished by writing down everything that comes to mind from start to finish.

“I would recommend that you start now,” Principal Mark Suchowski said. “All the sophomores are going to stand up in April in front of the community, their peers, and parents to share some critical thinking they’ve done, so its best to start now. We’re trying to show a lot of examples, which we haven’t done before, and pictures of students standing next to their project(s) from previous years. Also we’re trying to improve on communication with the teachers and students so that both are involved.”

Sophomores should plan everything out and make sure to meet all the deadlines throughout the year. Exhibition night is April 21 and is open to all community members.