FHS annual powderpuff game took place on Oct. 18

April Carr, Writer

On Oct. 18, the senior and junior girls faced off in an annual powderpuff game. Prior to the game, informational meetings took place for seniors and juniors regarding powderpuff. The students who participated were given a rules paper regarding the requirements in order to play— which included going to a minimum of four out of the six practices. This requirement was difficult for numerous student athletes to make because of other overlapping practices.

“It was a little stressful having back-to-back practices,” junior Paige Javor said. “I made sure on the days I had both practices I could still be there for both of my teams. I would go from powderpuff straight to cheer so my stunt group would still be able to participate.”

However, the teams persevered, and they had a traditional last practice decorating sweatpants. Oct. 17, the day of decoration, was very windy; paint, glitter, and utensils were flying all over.

“It was really fun,” junior Gena Duffy said. “We were able to bond and it was fun helping each other decorate and seeing what people came up with on their sweatpants. The wind sometimes blew our sweatpants around and made it harder to keep them down to paint” 

On game day, the girls prepared by listening to music while stretching and warming up with their teams.Though it was an intense game, the cheerleaders were there to keep the energy fun and silly. The cheerleaders tried stunts, did chants and had the crowd engaged.

“My favorite part was definitely the stuntline,” junior Nick Demaray said. “Everyone’s stunts were impressive and it gave me a chance to show off my extreme pushup skill.” 

The seniors started the game off strong with a touchdown in the first quarter, but the juniors ended up catching up and made it a close win of 22-21.