Results of Fenton general election

Aya Zahreddine, Writer

Fenton’s General Election was held on Nov. 2, which decided the outcomes of several proposals and the new Fenton city council. Polls were open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, for voters to decide the fate of the candidates and proposals.

Former Mayor B. Sue Osborn ran unopposed for another two-year term as mayor. 

I want to serve two more years as mayor because I enjoy serving my fellow citizens,” Osborn said. “I would like to get our roads paved and continue some projects that were started before we were shut down by COVID.”

As well as the three council members, Tracy Bottecelli, Scott Grossmeyer and David McDermott, they are running unopposed for a four year term. 

“As a student of history, I have learned leadership lessons from several iconic leaders,” Bottecelli said in one of her interviews with Tri- County Times Newspaper . “My favorite concept is George Washington’s credo: ‘First you listen and then you learn, then you help and only then do you lead.’ I believe the critical tenet of the learning phase is the finding of common ground with others. In that credo, is the knowledge that I still have much to learn and four years is simply not long enough to become an effective leader.”

The proposal for this year’s election regards the street improvement bonds and whether the council should borrow $24 million and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds. The results ended up favoring this proposal and the council is now planning when to start the process of updating the roads.

Osborn’s biggest challenge so far is balancing between the budget and the pandemic. Her goal for the next two years is to finish some projects that were pre COVID-19, such as paving the roads of Fenton. The whole focus of the committee now is updating the roads, the infrastructure, water and sewer lines. They even plan on continuing the development of vacant land and redevelopment of outdated properties.