The harm and effects smoking has on the body

April Carr, Writer

Smoking has become very prominent in young adults and teens because of the new vaping fad; however, the consequences are very real.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  smoking can lead to numerous health issues including organ failure to nearly every organ in the body. Smoking can also cause other health diseases including diabetes, eye diseases and a weakened immune system.

Smoking affects more than just the person who is doing it. The CDC states that second-hand smoking exposure causes more than 41,000 deaths a year. 

The American Lung Association reports that smoking is the number one cause of preventable disease and death worldwide. Though smoking has major effects on the body, it also has a huge impact on the economy and the United States budget. Each year the U.S. loses approximately $289 billion a year because of smoking between health care and lost productivity.

According to Medical News Today, smoking can cause heart failure, fertility problems and high risk for numerous cancers. These conditions are very serious, and the treatment comes with a hefty price tag as well. 

Medical News Today also states that while there is still a large number of smokers, more people have quit smoking rather than continue. With quitting smoking, almost all health conditions subside within 2-15 years.

Smoking diseases are real and very common, creating a deadly cycle for smokers.