Attempt to stop vaping in youths


Bree Soule , Writer

News of the temporary e-cigarette ban in Michigan has spread throughout the state. Stores are no longer permitted to sell flavored e-cigarettes in their shops, and if they are caught, are considered to be criminals. The ban lasts six months with possible renewal and was imposed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) after it was considered a public health emergency for the state.

“I think the vape ban is a good idea because in our society, we don’t know what the long term effects will be,” freshman Katelyn Burkett said. “I think it will help. I think vaping is bad because of your health, we know it’s not good for you but people still do it anyway when they shouldn’t. I think they need to make the ban permanent or redeem it. I’ve heard about teenagers getting popcorn lung so I hope it’ll stop.”

Even with the ban on selling flavored nicotine vape products, stores find loopholes so they can continue making money. Flavored e-cigarettes outsell the unflavored 10 to 1, therefore, hurting vape shops across the state according to Jacob Ankawi, a gas station manager (in a Click On Detroit article). Stores will now sell the unflavored nicotine and flavor mix to add into it. However, anti-vapers still continue to push forward in attempting to end vaping in youths. 

“It’s crazy to have people mislead and misinformed that vaping is safe when it’s truly not,” assistant principal Laura Lemke said. “We wouldn’t have states, governors and the CDC, the health for the entire country, saying this is a public health concern if it was safe. My goal with hanging up the Anti-Vape posters is to get the information out. I want the information first and hopefully actions second.”

Vaping can cause major lung effects. 805 e-cigarette-related lung infections nationwide are being investigated in 46 states and one U.S territory, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (in a Detroit Free Press article). Not only have the flavored e-cigarettes caused negative lung effects, but has caused 12 deaths.

“I think the ban is helping in a way but there’s still ways they can make it better,” sophomore Steven Keiser said.  “Vaping is gross, It’s just extra smoking. It’s bad for you and screws with your lungs, your head, and your whole body in a way. I haven’t vaped and I never plan to.”

People have been misinformed about the safety of vaping all throughout the country. The e-cigarettes, said to be safe by some, are now considered a public health concern in the state of Michigan. Knowing the long term health effects due to vaping may decrease the amount of youth and adult vapers in the US, which the ban on flavored e-cigarettes is attempting to accomplish.An investigation is now underway about lung injuries associated with vaping by the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, state and local health departments, and other clinical and health partners.