The Fashion Textbook: 2021 holiday gift guide and trends

Emmy Johnson, Writer

Holiday shopping is hard, and trying to figure out the trends to actually buy or skip out on is just as difficult. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift or outfit for it to become irrelevant in a week. So how does one shop to get quality gifts and stay within a budget or know lasting trends that will stick around.

Following Vogue’s gift guides, most of which can include anything from $500 to under $100 have wonderful ideas to wear or gift. While some of these trends can be basic Ugg boots or silk Gucci pajamas, it’s better to buy the long-lasting and sustainable option compared to a heavily-priced trend. 

In this holiday season in particular, some of these trends can be from knit clothes, boots, leather coats, lounge wear, cocktail dresses, loafers, peacoats or trench coats; all of which are recurring gift ideas and winter fashion that can be found at low prices.

Now to actually find these products shoppers can look for them in thrift stores to designer stores or dealers. But knowing what to look for that not only matches all other purchases but is cute on another level— but isn’t hard. Look for some products that resemble Prada’s platform loafers: Ugg super mini slippers or Madden Girls ankle slide in boots or shoes, Balenciaga high-neck cable knit sweater or more affordable Mangos beige cable knit sweater for cozy wear. For coats, look at Gap or Targets puffer section, or look for an oversized coat in a local Salvation Army.

Dressing all of these trends into your style as well as being able to mix these trends together is a big part of ensuring that they don’t die away. Layer a sweater with some leather boots and a peacoat. If there’s a party, wear a sparkling cocktail dress with some heeled loafers. If you want to gift these outfits, follow the same rules and ideas listed above.

For accessories this season, invest in gold or silver rings, necklaces and bracelets that are classic and last long. Try to stay away from plastic and ceramic jewelry as both are passing trends and can break easier than metal. For 2021, look into dainty pieces that can be layered or a statement piece to wear on its own. Don’t be afraid to mix metals either— pair gold hoops with silver rings or a necklace.

To see more winter and holiday fashion inspiration, check out The Official Vogue Holiday Gift Guide: 2021.