Fashion Textbook: 2021 “Gossip Girl” fashion analysis

Fashion Textbook: 2021 Gossip Girl fashion analysis


Emmy Johnson, Online Editor

The new reboot of “Gossip Girl” is taking a spin on expensive fashion with Schutz Maryana boots and Chanel sweaters paired with a Louis Vuitton tote. It’s clear that this reboot is deferring from the original 2000’s show with more neutral and academia style versus the bright exclusive and modern fits.

With each episode having around 200 outfits for each character, costume designer Eric Daman let his fashion influence show through with both vintage and modern pieces.

“Fashion has changed a lot over the years,” Daman said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “In the original we were getting inspiration from runways, making the pieces more exclusive and while this fits the Upper East Siders, it’s more prevalent now that people watching at home can get these pieces.”

Pulling inspiration from the original characters, you can see the influence of preppy chic in characters Luna La, Audrey Hope and Motet De Haan with classic fashion influence; it’s clear that these characters only shop for the best.

Shopping for these looks may seem impossible, but truly it isn’t. TheRealReal, a luxury marketplace where consumers can buy authentic designer merchandise, happens to not only have pieces selling at discounted prices from the show but also pieces that your favorite “Gossip Girl” character would wear. But dupes are sold nationally at stores ranging from eBay to Amazon.

Compared to the original “Gossip Girl,” the 2000’s style is less prevalent as it used to be. The 2021 “Gossip Girl” has a more modern pull with new brands like Miu Miu while the original used classic brands like Versace to show how expensive and wealthy their characters were. The reboot allows characters’ personalities to shine through showing their wealth by actions. 

For now, viewers don’t know what exactly will happen next with the Upper East Siders, but audiences can tune in on Thursdays on the HBO Max app.