Girls varsity bowling starts the season off 3-1

April Carr, Writer

Starting their season off on Dec. 4, the girl’s varsity bowling team opened their season with a 3-1 record. The team won against Linden, Holly and Owosso with scores of 30-0, 22-8 and 21-9 respectively and lost to Swartz Creek with a score of 3-27. 

“I think the matches went pretty good,” senior Bree Soule said. “Everyone has been doing great this year and I think we are all excited about the progress we’ve made. We managed to get the amount of points we needed to beat the other team and it was exciting. Even in the more stressful situations, we powered through and pulled off a few wins.”

Along with the team starting off the season with multiple wins came a few match highlights. 

“The first three frames of the Swartz Creek game I shot a turkey (three strikes in a row),” Soule said. “That game I almost shot a 200. I also remember while we were going against Holly, my opponent and I were neck and neck. In the 10th frame, I was the last one bowling in the entire center— I shot a pretty difficult split and ended up picking it up. Everyone started cheering. It was exciting and I ended up winning us a point for that game.”

Junior Katelyn Burkett is a third year varsity bowler and is continuing to work on her goals and progress.

“Personally I’m still working on things so I haven’t done amazing yet but we’ll get there,” Burkett said. “However I am optimistic about my progress already made, and I am excited to see what more the team can accomplish all together.”

Coach Ron Little is especially proud of the team and all of the progress they’ve made thus far.

 “I think the games went very well,” Little said. “The girls have gotten a few breaks, but they took advantage of the breaks they got, which is what good teams do.”

The team’s next game will be at Grand Blanc lanes against Goodrich on Jan.13 at 6 p.m. where they hope to continue the leading success.