Scheduling process: applications and auditions

Meghan Maier, Assistant Online Editor

With February coming up, the process of planning schedules for next year is starting. 

“Applications will not be handed out,” Assistant Principal Laura Lemke said. “Applications will be posted online at under the Counseling Services tab.”

1: Application Courses 

Honors World History, Honors American Studies, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement classes and even some elective courses require students to fill out an application to take these courses. The applications for these courses will be available Jan. 28 in the counseling office. 

Publications: The publications classes include: Advanced Journalism (Newspaper), Advanced Publications (Yearbook) and Advanced Desktop.  To be a part of a publications course, students must fill out an application and get approved by the adviser. The positions available for Advanced Journalism and Advanced Publications include: writer, editor, business staff, editor-in-chief, designer and photographer. These classes may be repeated each year for credit and fulfill the Visual, Performing, Applied Arts category. Students interested must submit their Google Form application by this year’s deadline; questions can be directed to Mrs. Hoover in room 5-109. 

World Studies Honors: This is a freshman course and meets for two consecutive hours and integrates the study of world history and literature. This class is a preparation class for students intending to pursue accelerated programs in literature and history in future years. In this class, students will read a minimum of three major literary works, gain skills for interpreting historical documents and more. 

American Studies Honors: This is a sophomore-level course and like World Studies, this class is two consecutive hours and combines the study of the nation’s history and literature. This course works at an accelerated rate and will include a great amount of work outside of class. An application and recommendation from students’ freshman year English and World History teacher is required. 

2: Audition Courses

The band and choir programs are classes that require students to complete an audition in order to be a part of the class. These auditions will take place between Jan. 28 and Feb. 18.  

Vocal Music: 

“Auditions for Bella Voce (BV) and Varsity Vocals (VV) will take place in late February, and Ambassadors auditions are scheduled for March 1, 2 and 3,” vocal music teacher Brad Wright said. “Even though these classes are audition-based they still want people to join. The auditions for BV and VV are pretty straightforward,” Wright said. “People can come down to the choir room and I can hear them sing a little and that’s it. Ambassadors auditions are a little more intense. Students interested in being an Ambassador need to sign-up for an audition, prepare a song, fill out an application and also get two teacher recommendations.” 

Although this may seem like a lot of work, the audition courses such as choir and band can be a great outlet for anyone. If there are any questions about the vocal music programs contact vocal music director Brad Wright. 


Band courses available are Concert Band, Symphony Band, Jazz Orchestra, Marching Band and Music Technology. These classes help develop powers of concentration, develop self and group discipline and make musical value judgments through critical listening. Concert Band is available for any band students, Symphony Band is available for grades 10-12, Jazz Orchestra is available for students in all grades, Marching band is available for all grades and Music technology is available for students in all grades. If there are any questions about the band program contact band director Patrick Conaton. 

International Baccalaureate (IB) Theatre: 

To take IB theatre, students must take Dramatic Arts and a full year of Advanced Dramatic Arts before they can audition. This course provides the student with clarity of understanding through critical thinking, reflective analysis, effective involvement and imaginative synthesis. If there are any questions about the theatre programs contact theatre teacher Lori Thompson. 

“If students have any questions they should start by asking the teacher/department chair for that class,” Lemke said. “However, students are always able to ask their counselors questions as well.” 

All applications should be submitted by Feb. 18. Visit the Fenton High Curriculum Guide to read more about the application and audition classes to get an even better idea of what they are like.