Opinion: Winter is the best season

April Carr, Writer

Winter has numerous benefits for a lot of people which is why they love living in the mitten. With the winter season having such a large array of fun activities, it is undeniably the best season.

During the wintertime, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling all take place. Partaking in any of these activities is a great way to bond with family and friends. Learning how to ski and ice skate is something that can only take place during the winter season, creating the best and most memorable times with friends and could even leave students finding their passion with skiing and snowboarding. According to VisitPA, skiing and snowboarding also engage core muscles in the body and also boost mood substantially, making them have health benefits as well.

While summer is typically an outdoor season, days are spent hot and muggy, while the cool winter months are refreshing and help keep a calm headspace. Summer days are very hit or miss, it is either raining or way too hot to go outside, while winter is more predictable and people typically know what to expect.

The winter season is also the only time to see Christmas lights. The most famous lights in Michigan are the Detroit lights, Rochester lights and the Frankenmuth lights— with Frankenmuth holding one of the largest Christmas stores in Michigan (Bronners). It is a great way to get out of the house while enjoying the blissful winter weather over a nice glass of hot chocolate or a dinner. Christmas lights are also set up on houses and make for a great neighborly competition.

Although you cannot be outside as much during the winter, the season still provides people with activities that provide a great social occasion and form of exercise including sledding. According to Healthline.com, pushing sleds up a hill comes with a full-body workout, which also releases endorphins and mood stabilizers, decreasing seasonal depression. It also makes for a great party activity for kids and even adults. It makes for a winter memory that will last a lifetime and something that can only happen three months of the year, leaving families yearning for more.

Essentially what sets winter apart from the rest of the seasons is that it is a very predictable season with plenty of things to do. With spring comes constant days of unpredictable rain or sunshine, summer brings days of hot mugginess and fall is that in-between time of coldness and not knowing if it is too early to wear a coat.

While winter can be seen as an indoor season with little to do, there are plenty of things to do that boost mood and health.