How to prepare for driving in the winter

Sydney Bommersbach, Online Editor

Tips for Driving in the Snow:

  1. Drive slowly. Leave extra time for the commute and execute every maneuver slower, such as turning.
  2. Accelerate and decelerate gently. Don’t apply the gas too quickly and allow plenty of time for braking.
  3. Increase the following distance between cars from 3-4 seconds to 8-10 seconds, allowing for extra time to see potential dangers and slow down.
  4. Don’t stop all the way if it can be avoided. It takes much more energy to start moving from a full stop than if the car was already rolling. Apply this technique by slowing down ahead of time before a red traffic light, and roll until light turns green.
  5. Don’t apply extra gas on hills, this could start spinning the car’s wheels. Instead, gain just enough speed before the hill so it will carry the car to the top.
  6. Brake properly. The best way to brake in winter conditions is called “Threshold Braking”. This means keeping your heel on the ground and applying pressure with the ball of the foot, as opposed to slamming the brakes.
  7. If it isn’t necessary to leave a location, then don’t drive.

PHOTO Sydney Bommersbach